Platform for Single Cell DNA Visualization

The recent advance of single-cell copy number variation analysis plays an essential role in addressing intratumor heterogeneity, identifying tumor subgroups, and restoring tumor evolving trajectories at single-cell resolution. Pleasant visualization of copy number analysis results boosts productive scientific exploration, validation, and sharing. Several appealing single-cell copy number figures have been demonstrated in published articles and software. However, those pictures almost lack real-time interaction, and it's hard for researchers to prepare codes to reproduce them from scratch. Moreover, existing single-cell visualization tools are incredibly time-consuming and memory-intensive when it reaches today's large-scale single-cell throughput.

We present an online platform scSVAS ( for aesthetically-pleasing, real-time interactive, user-friendly single-cell copy number variation analysis, including copy number heatmap view, ploidy stairstep, ploidy distribution, embedding map, time lineage, space lineage, space prevalence, clonal lineage, and recurrent event. scSVAS is specifically designed for large-scale single cells analysis. After uploading the required upstream copy number analysis results, users may make scientific discoveries, and share interactive visualization, and download high-quality publication-ready figures. Compared with other scDNA visualization tools, scSVAS manifest the most comprehensive functionalities.

Integrated Cloud Platform

A one-stop cloud platform that consolidates existing tool chain and performs comprehensive analyses on cutting-edge topics for bioinformatics research.

Interactive Data Visualizaton

By providing novel ways to visualize bioinformatic scenarios interactively, it boosts the working efficiency for researchers significantly.

Customization and Export

All data tables and visualizations are able to be downloaded and ready for customization, to be used directly as illustrations in publications.

Analyses Provided